Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joules and bosses

The Joule(1) is the derived unit of energy in the International System of Units. One joule is the amount of work done by a force of one newton travelling through a distance of one meter. If this definition is applied to a working environment, "the working joule" can be defined as the amount of work done by a force to push an activity, called " brown", to achieve a goal in a working environment. The weight of environment generates a resistance over the "brown" that it works as an opposite force that pushes against the goal. This is a graphic representation:

The force that pushes the "brown" has two components: The workers' force (Fw) and the bosses' force (Fb). The workers' force usually has the direction towards the goal, however, the bosses' force is more erratic. The composition of both forces generates many different paths but only three cases are analysed in this post.

When the boss's force has the same direction as the workers' force then the path of the "brown" goes through to the goal. These bosses help to achieve the objective and are called "Value Added Boss" or V.A.B.

When the boss's force has the same direction as the working environment weight the "brown" doesn't move, the path is null. There are several types of bosses with this profile: The red tape boss who buries the work under thousands of documents, the indecisive boss who never takes a decision, The lazy boss who sits over the brown, the transparent boss who only passes the "brown" and the evil boss who likes watching useless effort. These bosses belong to the class "Null Efficiency Boss" or N.E.B. The workers fall in a recursive circle without any possibility to move forward.

When the boss's force has an opposite direction to the workers, the "brown" doesn't move forward to the goal, it moves backward!. An example is the incompetent boss who doesn't know ANYTHING and generates a spiral of work asking about EVERYTHING. Other example is the star boss who is found by the head hunters to update the company culture with new ideas. This bosses belong to the class " Value Subtract Boss" or V.S.B. The effort of workers is dangerous to themselves. The more they work, the more work they will have.

The laboral ecosystem has a few A cases and many C cases while the B case remain stationary. The solution of the problem is easy: If the bosses are eliminated this improves the B cases and C cases though it has an adverse effect on A cases, but as they are only a few cases it doesn't matter.

(1) The word "juoule" means "julio" in Spanish. "Julio" is the name of a roman Imperator, the name of a famous Latin singer and is the seventh month. This means allow us to make a joke in Spanish but in English it doesn't have a double meaning.

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